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Huike Pakistan Chemicals Co., is a professional specialty chemicals company in Pakistan. It emerged as a professional chemical manufacturing company by supplying high standard products to polyurethane & pvc plastics industry with our own brand name MOLD

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Flexible Foam
Rigid Foam
Shoe Sole
Mold Release agent
Ca/Zn one pack stabilizer
Lead Base one pack stabilizer

Releasing Agents

In Pakistan, Huike Pakistan is the first domestic company that has achieved the production of environmental friendly and non-flammable mould release agents for various polyurethane systems. These release agents are suitable for flexible, rigid, semi rigid foam, integral, RIM, R-RIM, S-RIM and elastomeric polyurethane systems which are used in automotive, furniture, shoes, and insulation sectors. The releasing agents have high power mould release and low spots. According to the application areas, water and solvent-based release agents are produced.

Huike Pakistan release agents can be used as high solid or ready to use in all polyurethane system.

Huike Pakistan Release Agents Application Fields
Automotive Interior Trim Parts (PU-INTEGRAL)

• Automotive Interior Trim Parts (PU-RIM)

• Automotive Interior Trim Parts (PU-FLEXIBLE)

• Decorations Automotive Components (PU-S-RIM)

• Automotive Exterior Accessories Dress (PU-RIGID)

• Furniture PU Parts (RIGID)

• Furniture PU Parts (FLEXIBLE)

• Furniture PU Parts (INTEGRAL)

• Insulation PU Features (RIGID)

• Insulation PU Features (SEMI RIGID)

• Medical PU Features (INTEGRAL)

• Medical PU Features (FLEXIBLE)

• Polyurethane Shoes-Soles application.

Huike Pakistan release agents can be used as high solid or ready to use in all plastics & Tyre applications:

• Water based emulsion for plastics (ECO-25) to (ECO-65)

• Water based emulsion for Tyre industry. (ECO-60)

Grades Dilutents Appearance TSS Sp.Gr. Applications
ECO-24 Water Milky white 24% 0.9 - 1.0 Rubber Mould release
ECO-30 Water Milky white 30% 0.9 - 1.0 Rubber Mould release
ECO-40 Water Milky white 40% 0.9 - 1.0 Rubber Mould release
ECO-65 Water Milky white 65% 0.9 - 1.0 Rubber Mould release
ECO-40 VA Water Milky white 38% 0.9 - 1.0 Eva Release
RELEASE 77 Solvent Transparent 100% 0.9 - 1.0 Plastic/HDPE/LDPE release
PU RELEASE Solvent Transparent 5% 0.8-0.9 Poly Urethane Release

Lead Based Stabilizer for PVC Pipe

The use of PVC polymers has grown significantly and touches our daily lives in many ways. These PVC products can be found in applications spread over the major industries ranging from construction, medical products, packaging, furnishings and agriculture to telecommunications and transportation.

This demands a wide range of technical performance and properties for different finished products and for varied applications. PVC polymers cannot be processed in their raw form. To solve this limitation, the PVC resin has to be blended together with additives such as stabilisers, lubricants, plasticisers, fillers and pigments. Stabilisers belong to an important category of additives that provides heat stability and in some cases additional lubrication benefits essential to the PVC processing and long-term service performance of the finished product.

Our Lead based one-packs, sold under the trade name MOLDSTAB, are used for the extrusion and injection molding of both rigid and plasticized PVC. Stabilizer one-packs combine stabilizers with lubricants and other additives to provide customized solutions. Our one-packs are designed to match specific requirements in terms of long term stability and durability along with specific processing requirements.


Column Pipe, Casing Pipe, Pressure & Non Pressure Pipe, SWR Pipe, Conduct Pipe, Suction Pipe. 550 Series Lead 19-55% Flakes & Powder
Portable Water Pipe 500 NT Series Calcium & Zinc 6-15% Powder
Cable & Wires 800 Series Lead 47-72% Powder
Automotive Cables, Domestic & Appliance Wire 600 NT Series Calcium & Zinc Calcium & Zinc 6-15% Powder
Footwear 900 Series Lead & Barium Calcium & Zinc 12-28% Flakes & Powder
PVC Profile & Fitting 700 Series Lead 19-55% Flakes & Powder


Calcium Zinc Stabilizer for PVC Pipe

Calcium-Zinc solid stabilizers were traditionally used in the manufacturing of products such as PVC toys, medical products and potable water pipelines, where non-toxic requirements excluded the use of other heavy metal based stabilizers systems.

The high cost-to-performance ratio has limited the common use of Calcium-Zinc stabilizers in other general applications where heavy metal based systems are permitted. However, with continued advancements in formulation technology, the performance of the new generation Calcium-Zinc stabilizers has improved substantially. Today, Calcium-Zinc stabilizers can effectively replace and compete with other common heavy metal based stabilizers in many processes for rigid and flexible PVC products.


Portable Water Pipe 500 NT Series Calcium & Zinc 6-15% Powder
Automotive Cables, Domestic & Appliance Wire 600 NT Series Calcium & Zinc Calcium & Zinc 6-15% Powder
Footwear 900 Series Lead & Barium Calcium & Zinc 12-28% Flakes & Powder


MOLDCAT Silicons are efficient as well as reliable for polyurethane foam formation. We can modify these products to meet even the most demanding production conditions worldwide.

Stabilizing the foam requires the use of a surface active agent, which orients itself on the cell walls in a precise manner and causes them to thin. Many organic surfactants have a surface tension that is higher than 32 mN/m, the surface tension of the polyol in the foam mixture. Consequently, they are not able to stabilize polyurethane foam.

Silicone polyethers have such low surface tension, they can potentially lower the surface tension of the foam another 10 mN/m! This makes them ideal surfactants for use not only in polyurethane foam but also in other applications where the creation of stable foams is desired.

Silicone surfactants help stabilize foams two ways: by thinning the cell walls and by promoting the creation of large numbers of small vs. large bubble

Specialty grades are available to meet the requirements of a variety of polyurethane applications;

Product Name Chemical Name CAS No. Cross Reference Guide
MOLDCAT –DC-193 Silicon Foam Stabilizer Mixture DABCO DC-193
MOLDCAT -8948 Silicon Cell Opener Mixture TEGOSTAB 8948
MOLDCAT –DC-2525 Silicon Foam Stabilizer Mixture DABCO DC-2525
MOLDCAT –L-580 Silicon Foam Stabilizer Mixture Momentive L-580

Amine Catalyst

MOLDCAT catalysts are efficient as well as reliable for polyurethane foam formation. We can modify these products to meet even the most demanding production conditions worldwide.

Acting as catalysts, our polyurethane additives enable formulators to modify and adapt the characteristics of polyether and polyester foams, coatings, elastomers and urethane plastics, imparting greater strength, durability and functional properties. Blowing and gel catalysts can be used to manufacture polyurethane for furniture, bedding, automotive interiors, footwear soles and uppers as well as spray foam insulation and coating materials. Our range includes new amine catalysts designed to resolve odor, emissions and toxicity problems, plus additives that improve process efficiency by reducing demold times, extending equipment service times and improving dimensional stability.


MOLDCAT is the trade name of Our's specialty amine catalysts for polyurethanes. A broad range of products are available including conventional catalysts, reactive catalysts, acid-blocked catalysts, Silicon foam stabilizer, Cell opener and trimerization catalysts. Specialty grades are available to meet the requirements of a variety of polyurethane applications;

Product Name Chemical Name CAS No. Cross Reference Guide
MOLDCAT-TEDA Triethylene diamine, TEDA solid 280-57-9 Dabcocrystal,TEDA
MOLDCAT-EG TEDA in Glycol 280-57-9 DABCO EG
MOLDCAT -A33 TEDA in Glycol 280-57-9 DABCO 33LV
MOLDCAT -1027 Mixture --- DABCO 1027
MOLDCAT -1028 Mixture ---- DABCO 1028
MOLDCAT –A1 Bis(2-dimethylaminoethyl) ether 3033-62-3 DABCO BL-11
MOLDCAT –BDMAEE Bis(2-dimethylaminoethyl) ether 3033-62-3 DABCO BL-19
MOLDCAT –BDMA Dimethylbenzylamine 103-83-3 DABCO BDMA
MOLDCAT –8154 TEDA in Glycol 280-57-9 DABCO 8154
MOLDCAT – T 9 Stannous Octoate 301-10-0 DABCO T9

Our Brand MOLD

To "experience our chemistry" is to experience who we are and why people do business with us

Our chemistry is focused on speed, quality and safety. We establish flexible systems that allow our employees to respond quickly to needs and provide training to ensure our products meet quality expectations in a safe manner.

Our chemistry believes things change. In every part of our business, from customer service and product quality, to R&D and logistics, we recognize people have different needs, needs that change, and it is how we respond to, and provide options for these needs, that attract people to work and stay with us.

We invite you to "Experience our Chemistry"...

Huike Pakistan has three business units –

Polyurethane additives & Catalyst,

Environmental friendly mold release agents,

One pack stabilizer for PVC Pipes and other plastics products

PU additives unit includes amine catalysts, metal & silicon catalysts and some special catalyst. The applications covered Flexible foam, Rigid foam, Shoe sole, CASE, etc.

Environmental friendly mold release agents especially designed for Flexible foam, Rigid foam and Shoe sole applications.

Water based silicon emulsion includes tyre.
Lead based one pack stabilizer includes all kinds of pvc pipes Fittings, wires & cables, PVC Shoe sole and molded plastic products, company has honored to introduced Environmental friendly powder ca/zn one pack stabilizer for pvc pipes and all plastic products.

Huike Pakistan chemicals are committed to serve our customers with complete, reliable, and stable production line, superior products so as to contribute our customer’s optimized resources, and achieve a win-win cooperation, sustainable development for domestic as well as global market.



Thanks for visiting to Huike Pakistan web-site

Since established in 2014, Huike Pakistan is growing to become one of the first producers of polyurethane catalyst and mold release agents as well as PVC one pack powder stabilizer in Pakistan,

We are heavily committed to technical development and work closely with customers to develop solution to overcome difficulties presented by ever changing demand of regulation. This work is carried by our extensive R & D center in Lahore, joint technology collaboration with German and Chinese technology centers, our technology center is equipped with a comprehensive array of technical instruments and staff by experienced technicians many of whom are leaders in their particular fields.

We work with strict corporate guide-lines to ensure the highest integrity in manufacturing, sales and management. A great deal of efforts is being made to prepare our company for REACH-Certification and development of new and novel products to fulfill ever together legislation on environmental and health & safety requirements.

We at Huike Pakistan appreciated and value the continued interest from our partner customers and all of staff will continue to do our utmost to create a bright & prosperous future together. Thank you





Welcome to visit the newly updated website of HUIKE PAKISTAN!

Our company that has been producing all materials to respond the needs of PVC plastics, and polyurethane sectors use its plants where highly advanced technology, quality and efficiency are deemed as the principles. We have also a privileged position in the sector as we are the only company performing production with joint collaboration with different Chinese & Korean companies.

HUIKE PAKISTAN has been adhering to the corporate management policy of “One Family, One School and One Army”, persisting in enterprise development principles of “building brand by technology, exploring market by quality, improving image by culture and winning reputation by credibility”, vigorously carrying out the development strategies of “resource integration, complementary advantages and win-win cooperation”, and making continuous breakthroughs and innovations. We are committed to providing clients with the most cost-effective products, quality engineering designs and thoughtful services, and striving to build a leading brand in both domestic and international market.

In terms of management, HUIKE PAKISTAN has been “putting the right person in the right job”, which allows every employee in the company to give play to their strengths; in respect of R&D, WE believes “fast flowing water will never be frozen”, and it has been continuously entering into alliances, opening up, integrating innovations and making continuous improvements; from the perspective of engineering technology services and after purchase service, HUIKE PAKISTAN has been persisting in the principle of “profit lies in ethics and righteousness and never only pursue profit”, and taking integrity as its core value.

As a highly effective and convenient information platform, the website of HUIKE PAKISTAN after the latest revision will play an even better role of bridge for exchanges and cooperation between the company, clients and our industry peers. We are willing to complement each other’s advantages, integrate superior resources and achieve mutual development with our peers at home and abroad.

We really appreciate your continued support and help, and we will continue making greater efforts, sticking to our objectives, adhering to our faith, striving to make progress and creating an even brighter future for HUIKE PAKISTAN with our broad vision and pragmatic approach.

Tracy Wei

General Manager Marketing & Logistic



Value That Differentiate Us

Latest News

  • Huike Pakistan was recently appointed Chinese consultant Tracy wei as General Manager Marketing & Logistics, Before His new appointment, she served as head of Global marketing in well reputed chemical manufacturing company in Xiamen (China).
  • Huike Pakistan will sooner be started metal streates production in Pakistan.

  • Huike Pakistan recently made joint venture agreement with Shijiazhuang Hehui Chemicals Co., Ltd for startup manufacturing of PU Catalyst in Pakistan.
  • Huike Pakistan recently started producing environmental friendly mold release agent with joint collaboration with German Consultant.
  • Huike Pakistan, Hong Kong and shanghai offices are fully functional and starts operation.
  • Company has just finish up R & D and evaluation, will sooner be introduced new cell opener for polyurethane shoe sole application
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    As Huike, adding an extra value to our customers’ activities is just one of our core values. Our quality systems are dedicated to be the supplier of choice not by only meeting but also exceeding our customers’ needs. Every single person is committed to pursue this goal of excellence in all our activities. We understand that continuous learning & innovation is a way to improve our products & processes to keep as an industry leader.

    Huike is constantly working to maintain leading-edge product quality control during production and update our techniques for product quality analysis.

    We are confident about our product quality because of the Quality Assurance System backed by technical capabilities and production capacity.

    This production philosophy which continuously strives to deliver high quality products to our customers is one of the reasons for our confidence.

    Research & Development

    R&D strategically supports all functions of Huike with solutions that maintain its leadership position in product and process innovation and technology. Managing new technologies through to commercialization and expanding revenue opportunity is a key proficiency of our company and is a mainstay of its sustainable growth and value creation.

    From the customer perspective, R&D contributes to provide innovative products, maintaining competitive pricing, continuously improving quality and providing best in class level of regulatory affairs.

    Huike R&D four main areas of activity:

    New Product Development is mainly focused on the development of new products and new specialty formulations that are closely related to all plastics and polyurethane chemicals and high-end value applications.

    Process Development is key to maintaining Huike 's competitiveness and best in class quality position. Sustainability is at the heart of all process development.

    Analysis Development provides new analytical methods for both new and existing products, as well as developing de-formulation methods of resins. A key goal is to provide reliability and accuracy to customers.

    Regulatory Affairs ensures the compliance of a product with all existing global as well as emerging regional chemical regulations. This leads to data generation and the creation of relevant documentation including MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), Labels and RDS (Regulatory Data Sheet) of Huike products.

    New Catalysts R & D CENTRE

    The first PU Catalyst R & D Center in Pakistan

    Huike R & D center, the first comprehensive R & D center specialized in PU Catalyst in Pakistan, has been established in 2014; it has greatly contributed to the settlement of Catalyst as well as played an important part to the development of diverse industries in Pakistan Market. It had also carried out the role of leader successfully for making our company be able to compete with many international Catalyst producers, as a milestone of Pakistan first PU Catalyst producer and has been contributing a lot to development of Local industry as well as playing the role in Global market

    Our company has been established a joint venture with well renowned Chinese company Shijiazhuang Hehui Chemicals Co., Ltd which is leading producer of Triethlyene Diamine and PU Catalyst in China. Both companies are committed to technology transfer and providing technical assistance in Pakistan Plant.

    Health, Safety & Environment

    Our improvement process started several years ago with our agreement to the main voluntary programs.

    Anyway the attention to environment and safety has always been our main objective, often anticipating behaviors and norms.

    Our high commitment to take very seriously and solve the problems connected to environment protection, recycling and waste management, energy recovery, safety inside and outside our premises has always been our characteristic

    A continuos optimization of our working processes and the application of technological innovation in our products and systems, to deliver always better and safer products.

    ...a world closer to our wishes...